In order to create or expand your company’s current government acquisition process, you need consultants that can help clarify your capabilities and know how to capture the business you are striving to obtain.  You know you need to direct your energies towards high-return situations, but as an expert in your field, if you don’t have contract capture specialists on your team, the taks may seem daunting.  You need to efficiently focus your marketing plan towards the government agencies targets that are right for you.

How can you position your business to capture and win Government and private-sector contracts?

As your opportunities evolve, you will need support maintained with long-term contract management consulting services.

  • You have your preliminary stages complete and refined.

    • You are properly registered, certified, and have effective capabilities statements.

    • You are read to develop, submit and manage the RFP process.

    • You know how you will administer your contracts and deal with project management matters.

    • You have developed your business to meet all the required terms of a potential client or contract.

    • You have designed your marketing campaign.

    • Your program is efficiently designed to position you to win Government and commercial contracts.

    • You know your competition’s competitive advantages and where they are positioned in the market.

  • You are well prepared.  Your Government-contract marketing campaign is completed and you are deploying it.  It is now time to engage your prospective clients with your focused campaign.

You want consultants to guide the efficient implementation of your marketing plan.  You want oversight to be sure that all potential contracts are properly reviewed and followed and to identify problems before they arise.

What are ways you can increase your company’s exposure to prospective agencies?

You will be strongly advised to attend Government networking events.  Even if you don’t have staff available, you should have someone who is working on your behalf communicating with [prospects] and interfacing among your industry peers.  This networking is invaluable.

Most of the sophisticated, well-established companies with strong client bases spent time and resources making sure they get face-to-face with potential clients.  It is not that hard to do, as governments want increased competition among companies that bid on their projects.

While it is not possible to go to each of their offices in person to meet with them, there are places that they go and events and conferences in which they take part.

If you are busy or networking is not your forte, get help identifying the appropriate opportunities to network and associate your company with appropriate groups.

As a recent example, the California Disabled Veterans Business Alliance recently held its conference in Las Vegas.  It was designed to be a place where individual company representatives were able to interface directly with officials from such agencies as:

  • USACE, South Pacific Division

  • Department of the Navy

  • Small Business Administration

  • General Services Administration

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center

In the conference, each vendor was provided a ten minutes, in a one-on-one meeting, with the contracting representative to whom they would be reporting.

Key representatives from procurement agencies and industry often make themselves available to counsel and address your individual questions and concerns.  Attending conferences like this gives your business a solid opportunity to network and identify your direct and indirect markets!  Many state and federal agencies participate in these types of programs across the nation.  You just have to know where to look.

There are also groups and other places you can seek to network with your peers and to potentially mentor with more experienced firms.