RFP requirements may outline quality assurance standards bidders must meet in order to be eligible for a government contract. Your company may already possess quality assurance certifications like ISO9001 and/or AS9100 that demonstrate to the acquisition agency that you have the quality management systems in place.

But, if a gap analyis reveals that your company’s quality assurance and management are lacking, you will need to do more than include the intention of getting certified into your proposal writing.

Undergoing a quality assurance audit by a certifying agency means certain systems and processes need to be integrated into the way you do business on a daily basis…and that can require big changes. We can provide the planning, design, development and implementation of a quality management system that meets your needs and satisfies your customer.

We can help you develop a quality management system (QMS) that implements methods and processes based on quality standards and best business and engineering practices. Our approach focuses on supporting your organization’s business needs. We can help you develop a system tailored to meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Business Development

  • Proposals Response Development

  • Contracts and Programs Management

  • Planning, Development and Delivery of Products and Services

By working with you to assess your needs, we will help you determine if you need an organization-wide QMS or individual quality capabilities/features to meet specificproject requirements, including:

  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)

  • Procuring Independent and Internal Audits including product, service and process audits

  • Quality System Audits

  • Corrective and Preventive Actions and Causal Analysis

  • Quality Processes, Procedures and Guidelines

  • Technical, Engineering and Software

  • Program/Task Management

  • Contract and Financial

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard Certification

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Our team is dedicated to providing on-going quality management support, needs assessments and quality system measurement and improvement data to help ensure the success of your business.