Government Operations Support


If your agency is short-staffed or lacks the expertise needed for simple or complex solicitations, Allied can help!

Our services include:

Statement of Work Review

Solicitation Development

Contract Development

Proposal Development

Allied has a strong background in all aspects of contracting at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. We have been working in the industry for a combined total of over 25 years, and we have experience and competence in a wide range of contracting scenarios and with contracts and awards ranging in size up to $250 million.

Our experience also includes working with government agencies on the development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitations to Bid (ITBs or IFBs) for a wide variety of projects, services, and supplies, including Architectural and Engineering, Environmental Mediation, Facility Maintenance and Construction, Systems Furniture, Information Technology (development and off the shelf), Office Supplies, Special Event Planning, and many other areas. Whatever your contract-related needs are, we can meet them.

Our forte is helping governmental agencies optimize their operations. We do this by providing support services that let agency in-house teams perform more effectively. Our experts will augment the strengths of those teams and fill in any operational holes that exist, while leaving them with the tools they need to eventually operate independently.

Whatever your government procurement needs, contact us today to see how we can help!

Staff Augmentation

Allied gives you the extra help you need!

If your agency does not have its own procurement department, we can fill the gap. If you already have capable staff, we can step in to handle work overflows or fill support roles. Allied will work with your agency on whatever terms best suit your needs.

Whether you need additional resources on a short- or long-term basis, Allied will take the pressure off your existing project managers and staff and free them up to do what they do best while we do what we do best – deal with the unique and complicated requirements associated with protecting transparency in the procurement process while using public funds to award contracts to responsible vendors.

Statement of Work Review, Solicitation and Contract Development

Your internal clients need and expect quick turnaround times from your procurement staff, but it’s easy to become overburdened when complicated requests, or high incoming request volumes, put a strain on your resources. Our team can take the load off of your staff. We are trained and experienced in reviewing Statements of Work for tight and precise language, preparing and posting solicitations, and negotiating with suppliers to develop the final contracts.

Obtaining Work and Funding from Other Agencies

Is your agency competing against other agencies or private companies to obtain federal contracts or grants? Allied can give you the edge.

If your organization is competing with other agencies or private businesses in responding to federal government RFPs, we will collaborate with your team of experts to prepare a winning proposal. We will break up the response-to-RFP process into easy-to-follow steps and relieve your busy staff of the burden of putting the proposal information together and verifying that it meets solicitation requirements.

See our Commercial Business page for additional information about our proposal development and contract management services.