At all levels of government, public agencies are facing the considerable challenge of having to operate as conservatively as possible due to constrained budgets and other resources. More and more, government agencies are seeking ways to streamline processes and utilize cost-saving tools, such as online “Cloud” resources.

Public agency constraints often require outsourcing to firms like yours. However, public procurement and contracting resources are stretched, making it very important that your business is able to operate smoothly and function with them seamlessly.  If you do not have the skills to anticipate their needs and to communicate with them in their language, you are increasing their workloads further.  You also run the risk of eating cost overruns or facing costly litigation if the slightest contract term or agreement is “overlooked”.

This oversight is heavily impacting the acquisition process, making how each private firm deals with its operations of paramount importance.

Leveraging their need to be good stewards of public funds, agency employees and managers are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated in how they do business.  They have among the best procurement practices and are always improving the techniques and tools that they manage the way they source, contract and purchase.  Therefore, each competing company must remain diligent of the changing industry standards as well.

As always, good communication with your clients is key to managing expectations. If a public agency is using “Cloud” resources, you must ensure your systems and those of your partners will integrate with the client’s before a project begins or risk delays that could cost you future work.

You need someone on your team who will oversee the process from end to end, a Contract Administrator.  Governments are not only scrutinizing their budgets and their spending, they are also auditing contracts to make sure there is no fraud, waste and abuse.

Whether you are a Prime or a Subcontractor, organization is key, especially if you are working with strategic partners.  Each associated company makes it more likely that important issues are being overlooked, and a Contract Administrator to manage the client’s expectations and ensure contract requirements are being met is a necessary tool in your arsenal for a successful project.