Commercial Business Services

Looking to do business with private companies or local, state, and federal government agencies? Allied offers the tools and support to make that happen.

It takes collaborative effort and skilled due diligence in the bid solicitation and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes to provide the best outcome for your commercial and government clients. The work is time-consuming and detail-oriented, and your executive team and managers should be focused on day-to-day operations, not worrying about the management of back-office contracting operations.

For efficiency, your company’s contracting burden should be outsourced, and the firm you entrust in this regard must reduce your burden, not add to it. We take pride in enhancing your business’s bottom line by improving operating efficiency and driving consistent progress toward your objective of landing and managing lucrative contracts with government agencies and private companies.

If your business is new to large-scale contracting, you will need experts to show you how to land big contract awards. Allied can do this in one of two ways:

We can train and coach your project team to do the work, helping you secure contracts while building in-house capabilities. Our expert oversight will ensure the efficiency of your first forays into contracting.

Allied can provide comprehensive management of all your contracting functions.

We are skilled at working with existing teams and can provide any ancillary support your people need during the proposal development and contract management processes. If your end goal is to develop a contracting team that will not always be dependent on outside support, we will transfer knowledge and expertise while offering oversight to help your team grow capabilities. We know the contracting business very well and enjoy passing that knowledge on to others.

Depending on your needs, we can also take over the reins and independently implement a full, successful contracting program for you. We have experts who can assist with whatever support your company needs, including external relations, critical operational support, and strategic advisory assistance to your executive team. Allied representatives will interface with your president, CEO, or board of directors, as needed.

Obtaining Government Contracts

Is your business currently engaged in government contracting and looking for increased success in the sector? Are you still sitting on the sidelines considering the leap? We can definitely assure you of one thing: If you do not take action, at best you will remain right where you are.

When it comes to bidding for and winning government contracts, there is a lot at stake. You spend a lot of time and effort pursuing opportunities, and you need positive outcomes in the form of successful awards.

In-house proposal development can represent a huge investment in terms of company resources, and you still may not get the consistent results you need. The alternative is to subcontract the work to a highly-qualified proposal and contract management firm. Allied has the skills and experience needed to develop competitive responses to government RFPs and get your company awarded contracts with little to no resource investment or risk on your part.

At Allied Proposal & Contract Management, we have what it takes to bring your firm awarded contracts and increased profits — all while taking pressure off your company resources.

Forming Strategic Alliances

Perhaps your company is small and needs to partner with other firms to meet the requirements of a particular RFP. We will be a resource to assist in the search for strategic allies that will help your company gain the competencies and certifications required for the project.

If you are interested in developing a subcontractor relationship with an already established prime contractor, we can research those opportunities and help you build the connections necessary to make it happen.

Staff Augmentation and Peer Review

Staff Augmentation: Up-skill your existing project team.

Your company may already field staff with the basic expertise needed to perform the work called for in the RFP. However, working with local, state, and federal agencies entails additional requirements that call for dedicated specialist resources. Our team of experts will help you identify and prepare to meet the specific demands of government contracting.

We have worked with well-qualified teams that have solid expertise in their field but lack the time or knowledge to translate that expertise into a winning format for the arena of government contracting. That’s where Allied comes in. We will break up your side of the response-to-RFP process into easy-to-follow steps and relieve your busy staff of the burden of putting the proposal information together and verifying that it meets solicitation requirements.

However, if you do not have or want to hire full-time staff, Allied will work with your company on whatever basis suits your needs. Whether you need additional short- or long-term resources to help you enter the government contracting arena or expand and diversify your current market, we will be your go-to partner for obtaining and managing government contracts.

Let us take the pressure off you and your existing project managers and staff and free up their time to do what they do best while we do what we do best – secure and manage contracts.

Peer Review: Have your proposals reviewed by an expert “outside set of eyes.”

Has your in-house team developed a proposal that needs review to ensure it is competitive? If the proposal document does not read well, or is missing key detail, it will reduce your chances of success.

Even the products of the most experienced proposal authoring teams benefit from a thorough review process. You would be well-served to let Allied take a look at your proposal.

Our specialized team includes personnel dedicated solely to proposal review. They will review the solicitation requirements and read through your proposal to make sure all key elements are in place and the document is well-written and polished.

Contract Management Support

How does contract management differ from project management?

The role of a Project Manager is to oversee each detail of the contract fulfillment process for one or more projects. This includes making appropriate staff assignments, managing budget line items, and tracking daily progress. The Project Manager has hands on the project.

A Contract Administrator works from a higher-level approach that essentially involves overseeing the project managers. A key function is the tracking of progress and fulfillment on all deliverables to ensure that each project manager delivers on-time and within budget. Project managers report to the Contract Administrator.

An excellent Contract Administrator is essential to effective budget management. For example, the Administrator will determine if and when project staff and budget should be shifted from one project to another. The Contract Administrator must navigate complex contract requirements to ensure that both project and accounting staff are properly aligned and directed. Contract Administrators generally report to client firm executive staff. Allied can provide deep expertise and excellence in contract administration.

Financing and Accounting Support

Whether your firm is working as a well-established contractor, making an initial move into the government contracting arena, or just starting up, Allied can help. We can refine your financial strategy and teach you how to meet the stringent requirements for doing business with government agencies.

Our experts will work with you to analyze pricing options and determine the budgeting procedures needed to ensure your ability to readily meet contracting obligations. We will position you to provide superior fulfillments and to continue offering the quality of services that will make you a trusted contractor, giving you an edge over the competition.