We have the knowledge and research capabilities to fully assess your competition and turn the Competitor Analysis into a competitive proposal.

When you are developing a proposal for a government contract, you know that it is a very competitive process and there is a high hurdle to success.  You may literally be competing with a dozen or more other businesses for the same work. To be the most competitive, you need to know who and what you’re up against, so that you can respond accordingly.

You should already be watching your competition to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  If this is something you have gotten behind on, it is important to catch up and analyze the competition.

Collecting in-depth information about your competitors takes time, as does that process of analyzing the data.  You need to know how it affects your proposal development strategies.

The best time for a Black Hat review is very early in the proposal development process, or possibly in conjunction with an assessment of your business before you even begin searching for bid opportunities.

Understanding your competition requires more than just talking about who they are. You need to know why and how they will compete.  You have to be aware of their competitive advantages.  You have to know the direction they are heading and be one step ahead of them.  When you gain relevant, appropriate details about your competition, you need to transform that data into actionable information that strengthens your competitive position and translates into action items.’

The Black Hat assesses the competitive position of a specific proposal in light of known and expected competition.  The analysis must identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses over the competition, and the response uses standard evaluation criteria.  To be successful, the Black Hat reviews and disseminate competitive intelligence and considers how the capture and proposal strategies can be improved within the overall win theme and plan.

One action item that may come from the Black Hat review is the decision to strategically ally or form a joint venture (JV).  You may be positioned to team up with a competitor(s) and other companies to either expand your current reach or to gain vertical or horizontal market penetration. You might eliminate competition and maximize your success by such collaboration.

Strategic partners who have complementary strengths can offer your client’s acquisition agency options when making their decisions.  Working in unison, you may be able to bring capabilities to the table that no other competitor is able to offer at all!