You cannot risk having the wrong team working for you as you research, solicit, and actively bid on Government contracts.

You need a company with highly specialized consulting services that can guide your effective government contract marketing strategy.

One of the first things that will be asked of you from a prospective client  will be a capabilities statement.  This is comparable to a business resume that identifies your strengths and explains if you are qualified.  Just like a resume, each statement has to be tailored and correspond to the scope of services relevant to each agency.  If you can not show that you have the principle qualifications, you will not be considered.

Prior to actively seeking work from the government, you should create a proposal strategy to identify how to best meet general government RFP requirements and then to position your business to have the highest value among your competitors.

When you are selecting a consulting firm to work with you, the risk of choosing the wrong company is high.  Be selective and demand results.  You need people who care that your ultimate goal is high and continuous profits with no hassles.