What is an RFP?


An RFP is a Request for Proposals.  It is a document that is issued by an acquisition/procurement  department in a private business or a government agency that expresses their need for a contractor or supplier to provide either goods or services. The Request for Proposals can be very lengthy and detailed, commonly 100 pages or more.  It will outline the qualifications and capabilities vendors must have to be eligible to submit a proposal and the project requirements, including the “deliverables” and outcomes the bidding party must meet or exceed.

Counting Error Costs Five Companies Shot at $20B Contract

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NASA nixed the proposals of five companies bidding on the $20 billion SEWP V contract because their proposals exceeded the page limit set in the solicitation.

In their protests, the companies argued that NASA shouldn’t have counted certain pages, but the Government […]

Black Hat Reviews: Analysis of the Competition

We have the knowledge and research capabilities to fully assess your competition and turn the Competitor Analysis into a competitive proposal.

When you are developing a proposal for a government contract, you know that it is a very competitive process and there is a high hurdle to success.  You may literally be competing with a dozen or more other businesses for the same work. To be the most competitive, you need to know who and what you’re up against, so that you can respond accordingly.

You should already be watching your competition to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  If […]

Business Development and Gap Analysis

Before you start in the pursuit of new business with the government, you must take an in-depth look at your company to determine if you are currently capable to take it on. How ready is your company for the work you’re proposing right now?

You may observe that many government contracts require specific certifications, or even a large team to complete a project, initially leaving some small businesses unable to compete.

Because of our technical background, we can quickly learn about you and understand your business.  You need your processes properly analyzed to determine what is needed meet project […]

Be Selective when Outsourcing Contracting Services


You cannot risk having the wrong team working for you as you research, solicit, and actively bid on Government contracts.

You need a company with highly specialized consulting services that can guide your effective government contract marketing strategy.

One of the first things that will be asked of you from a prospective client  will be a capabilities statement.  This is comparable to a business resume that identifies your strengths and explains if you are qualified.  Just like a resume, each statement has to be tailored and correspond to the […]

Your Contract Marketing Starts Here

In order to create or expand your company’s current government acquisition process, you need consultants that can help clarify your capabilities and know how to capture the business you are striving to obtain.  You know you need to direct your energies towards high-return situations, but as an expert in your field, if you don’t have contract capture specialists on your team, the taks may seem daunting.  You need to efficiently focus your marketing plan towards the government agencies targets that are right for you.

How can you position your business to capture and win Government and private-sector contracts?

Do you Already Have Contracts in Place?

Does your company already have a complex contract or multiple contracts?

Did you you just get your first major award and you are unsure how to proceed?

Once you have bid solicitations expertly prepared, and you have a bullet-proof proposal in place, you are assured to be awarded lucrative contracts.  In order to perform on those contracts, you need professional follow-up support.  You have to guarantee that you are perfectly fulfilling your contract terms and obligations in a timely manner.

You need our team of highly qualified contract-capture specialists.  You will appreciate our dedication.  It is not easy […]

Contract Vehicles

In today’s complex economy, many small business contractors are seeking to get certified and market their products and services line-up to develop a safe, secure, and long-term source of income provided by Federal and State Government contracts.

Contract Vehicles

The Government buys products and services in very large quantities. Over 700 billion dollars worth of contracts are awarded to contractors each year.

Of this, over $190 billion (23%) in contracts are reserved exclusively for small businesses.

IDIQ – Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contracts

IDIQ contracts are most often used for service contracts and architect-engineering […]

Quality Assurance and Management


RFP requirements may outline quality assurance standards bidders must meet in order to be eligible for a government contract. Your company may already possess quality assurance certifications like ISO9001 and/or AS9100 that demonstrate to the acquisition agency that you have the quality management systems in place.

But, if a gap analyis reveals that your company’s quality assurance and management are lacking, you will need to do more than include the intention of getting certified into your proposal writing.

Undergoing a quality assurance audit by a certifying agency means certain systems and […]

Manage Your Client’s Needs, Not Your Own

At all levels of government, public agencies are facing the considerable challenge of having to operate as conservatively as possible due to constrained budgets and other resources. More and more, government agencies are seeking ways to streamline processes and utilize cost-saving tools, such as online “Cloud” resources.

Public agency constraints often require outsourcing to firms like yours. However, public procurement and contracting resources are stretched, making it very important that your business is able to operate smoothly and function with them seamlessly.  If you do not have the skills to anticipate their needs and to communicate with them in […]

What is a Government Contract Proposal?

When a government agency needs complex goods or services, it will typically issue a solicitation to vendors called a Request for Proposals (RFP). Your company’s response to this solicitation is called a proposal.

Don’t confuse a proposal with a bid. Bids are designed for less complex goods and services. They involve simply providing qualifying information and a price for the requested goods or services. In most cases, bids are scored only on price. Therefore, if you qualify and have the lowest priced bid, your company will win the contract.

Proposals, on the other hand, are scored on a […]