About Allied PCM


Allied Proposal & Contract Management is a small, veteran-owned firm specializing in proposal preparation services and contract administration support for a range of entities, including:

Private companies active in responding to RFPs in both the private commercial (Business to Business or B2B) and local, state, and federal government sectors (Business to Government or B2G)

Government agencies operating in Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) contracting activities

Allied is based in Oregon and deploys a broad network of associates to service clients throughout the U.S. We are a highly efficient and productive organization with a well-established reputation and a solid history of improving contracting operations and maximizing profits.

Allied offers an extensive skillset and deep experience to both government entities and private companies seeking to develop effective contracting procedures. The Allied team is well-versed in the requirements for successful contracting with the Department of Defense (DOD), other federal agencies, and with a wide range of state and local government agencies.

Our Vision

At Allied Proposal & Contract Management, our vision is to become the leading provider of proposal services and contract management solutions for both private operators and government agencies. To meet this objective, we:

Work constantly to develop and refine strategies that will maximize your success as a contractor

Support a team culture that inspires people to achieve excellent results

Foster an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation

Focus on one key goal: add value to our clients’ operations by helping them maximize their ability to efficiently capture and fulfill contracts

Our Service Mission Includes:

Providing support and strategic direction for your proposal development and contracting functions

Adding distinct and measurable value to your contracting operations

Fostering a long-term relationship with you by providing transparent, productive solutions

Remaining accessible, approachable, professional, and service-oriented at all times

Our Clients

Allied is the consulting firm of choice for clients operating in public and private sectors, including government and military, commercial real estate, public utilities, retail energy, technology, and more.

We serve as a key resource for federal, state, and local government agencies, and we assist businesses of all sizes that wish to network with those agencies. Allied also provides services to Federal Prime Contractors looking to support their Supplier Diversity programs and subcontract compliance initiatives by networking with small business providers of products and services.

Our specialties include:

Communications System Engineering and Development

Industrial Supply and Machinery & Equipment Sourcing

Information Technology Development and Administration

Goods and Personal Services Purchasing

Real Estate Contracting

Transportation Engineering

Unexploded Ordnance Remediation

Our Administrator

One of our principles is a former Director of Contracts and Operations for a multi-million dollar company that fulfills contracts for the military and the DOD. Her duties included taking full responsibility for the management of multiple private and federal contract awards, and providing direct oversight of project staff and subcontractors to ensure that contracted deliverables were on time and perfectly within specification. The Allied team leverages her knowledge and expertise to guarantee provision of the highest quality services to our valued clients.

Our Team

Allied was launched in 2008 by a small but exceptional team of government and private-sector contracting professionals. By gathering associates from throughout the United States, we created a comprehensive panel of experts that can assist with projects across the country.

At Allied we have executives with private sector backgrounds and experience in obtaining and fulfilling all types of contracts. Our staff includes individuals with backgrounds in both small business and multi-million dollar private companies who have proven expertise in creating the winning proposals that result in awarded contracts in both the private sector and from state and federal government agencies, including the DOD. We have secured some large awards, including one valued at nearly 300 million dollars.

Our team also offers superior management skills gained from operating at the company-wide level. Expertise in proposal development and contract administration comes from years of experience overseeing the internal contracting departments of both small and large private companies. We have principals who formerly worked inside the contracting and procurement offices of government agencies, putting us in position to act as a conduit for our clients.

Many of our Allied team members have been employed with state government agencies and have worked extensively with local and federal agencies in the fulfillment of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of government contracts. Quite simply, they are exceptional contract managers because they know what they are doing.

Our success is founded on our staff’s solid breadth and depth of knowledge in the fields of proposal development and contract fulfillment. We truly believe the Allied team is the best in the industry, and we are prepared to deliver excellence in proposal administration and contract management services. At Allied we know that our success is based on your success.